Sunday, June 21, 2009

Press Statement on the Abandonment of His Excellency the President's Intention to Sue the Sunday Standard

source: Republic of Botswana (18/6/09): TAUTONA TIMES no 16 of 2009
The Weekly Electronic Press Circular of the Office of the President
"Democracy, Development, Dignity and Discipline"

C3) 12/6/09: Press Statement on the Abandonment of His Excellency the President's Intention to Sue the Sunday Standard

The nation is hereby informed that at the end of the meeting of the High Level Consultative Council (HLCC) to discuss progress towards Vision 2016, which was held on 12 June 2007, members appealed to His Excellency the President, Lt Gen Seretse Khama Ian Khama, to reconsider his decision to sue the Sunday Standard Newspaper for defamation.

His Excellency had taken the decision to sue the newspaper because like any other citizen, he has the right to the integrity and dignity of his good name and reputation, which was violated by the articles they published. The President believes that he has an unassailable legal case, that the articles are wrongful and actionable, and that his prospects of succeeding in his claim are very high indeed. Equally high are his chances of successfully resisting any counterclaim that could have been brought in response to this case, which counterclaim would have been vigorously opposed by the Attorney General.

However, following serious reflection, His Excellency the President has acceded to the appeal by the HLCC and has, in the interests of the nation, decided to abandon his intention to sue the newspaper. While His Excellency is fully cognizant of, and is prepared to accept constructive criticism and the public scrutiny that comes with occupying the highest office, it should be understood that this is not a license for defamation of his person.
His Excellency the President would like to assure the nation that contrary to the defamatory allegations made in these articles, he is not in any way associated with the death of John Kalafatis. The President believes strongly in the rule of law, which requires that in the event that a person is injured or killed by security agents in the course of duty, an investigation be carried out by the police in accordance with established procedures.

It is only after the conclusion of such investigations that the relevant authorities can decide on the next course of action, as laid down in the law. His Excellency does not condone any unlawful or unwarranted use of force by the security forces, or anyone for that matter.

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Anonymous said...

SUNDAY STANDARD does not have any

STANDING TO SUE,claiming that Khama accended to the Presidency unconstitutionaly.

The INJURY IN FACT,required by Sec.18(1) Botswana Constitution is missing.

Then what INJURY IN FACT could Sunday Standard prove?There is NOT any harm to their persons or business by nominating Ian Khama to the presidencial chair.

Next time Ian Khama ought to hire a

LAWYER to give such a press statement,because Jeff Ramsay is writing JUST a long pallaver,without substance!

Trough the MP of their constituency could SUNDAY STANDARD

file a PETITION(not a claim) to the ASSEMBLY and ask it to address the issue of nominating Khama as a President.

In case someone wants to discuss this matter with me,please,visit me on Deus-von Homeyer