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Speech by the Minister for Defence, Justice and Security, Hon. D. N. Seretse, to the Committee of Supply for Ministry 0200 - State President

source: Republic of Botswana (16/2/09): TAUTONA TIMES no 3 of 2009
The Weekly Electronic Press Circular of the Office of the President "Democracy, Development, Dignity and Discipline"



1. Mr. Chairman, it is my pleasure to present the 2009/2010 Recurrent and Development Budget for State President under Head 0200. I will start by presenting the budget for departments falling under Defence, Justice and Security (DJS) namely: 0204 - Botswana Police Services, 0207 - Directorate of Intelligence and Security, 0209 - Botswana Defence Force and 0210 - Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime. I will subsequently cover the Presidential Affairs and Public Administration departments.

2. Mr. Chairman, I will preface my budget presentation with a brief on my Ministry's achievements and challenges in this financial year, i.e. 2008/2009.


3. Mr. Chairman, the incidence of crime particularly in urban and peri-urban areas showed an increase in certain offences whilst in others, notable decreases were observed. Crime of whatever form, however, continues to be a cause for concern.

4. In order to significantly reduce crime, my Ministry continues to coordinate all the Security and Defence Agencies, namely the Botswana Defence Force, Botswana Police Service, Directorate of Intelligence and Security and the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime. We are also engaging all other stakeholders such as Botswana Local Police Force, private security companies, the business community and the general public, in the development and improvement of our policing strategies.

5. The Botswana Police Service continues to be an active member of the international and regional organisations, such as INTERPOL and Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (SARPCCO). This enhances the capacity of the Service in the fight against trans-national organised crime.

6. Mr. Chairman, in responding to the challenges of realising a safe and secure nation, the Botswana Police Service has embarked on a number of initiatives and projects.

7. The Air Support Wing has been established with the delivery of two of the three helicopters on 14th January 2009 and the third is expected in August 2009.

8. Mr Chairman, the long awaited two (2) Water Cannons, which were ordered during the financial year 2006/2007 were delivered in March 2008.

9. We have improved on our community policing by introducing a cluster policing strategy. Villages, towns and cities, wards and Dikgotla therein are clustered on proximity to one another. Personnel within the respective Police Stations are distributed amongst these clusters. In future, satellite Police stations will be placed within these clusters to take policing to the people. Clusters will develop ways and methods of combating crime within their communities together with the police. This, we hope will be able to significantly reduce crime in communities as all will be involved and therefore have ownership of the crime fighting strategies.

10. The Police Service is developing a blue print for Rapid Response Teams. These will improve on the responsiveness of the Police to reported incidents and will comprise all the necessary response elements and in some cases even include other security stakeholders. This initiative will definitely come with costs, and we intend to use both appropriated and non-appropriated funds, the latter of which will be raised through our cooperation with the business community.

11. We are also consulting on city surveillance and traffic monitoring solutions to improve on detection and prevention and improve the overall efficiency of the Botswana Police Service in fighting crime. We are continuing to use all the security and defence agencies in aid of one another in stepping up our efforts to eradicate crime. This, we have found necessary for optimal use of available and relevant government resources.

12. It was my intention to establish during the financial year 2009/2010 the Stock Theft Branch for specialized investigations on stock theft cases and Internal Affairs Department for specialized investigations on police processes and adherence to procedures. However, because of the economic meltdown, the creation of these departments has been deferred until the economic situation stabilizes. The merger of Botswana Local Police Service and Botswana Police Service is expected to materialize in the 2009/2010 financial year.

13. Mr. Chairman, the Directorate of Intelligence and Security became operational in April, 2008. During the first half of the financial year, the directorate focused mainly on setting up and acquiring the necessary office space, recruiting staff and purchasing furniture and equipment necessary for its mandate. The Directorate will, in the next financial year, open up offices in strategic locations which will assist in ensuring that the office delivers on its mandate. We have since the establishment of the Directorate seen a significant improvement in the general detection of crime and this is largely due to the cooperation between the security agencies of government.

14. Mr. Chairman, let me assure all the sceptics that the DIS was established to ensure the security of Botswana and every Motswana and this they will do diligently with due regard to the laws of this country.

15. Mr. Chairman, after dropping from 5.9 to 5.4 in 2007 in the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, Botswana realized a slight improvement from 5.4 to 5.8 according to the 2008 Transparency International ratings. This rating retains Botswana within the 25 least corrupt countries the world over and still occupies the first position on the African continent.

16. Mr. Chairman, our biggest challenge is to keep the DCEC and its strategies under constant review and evaluation to determine the level of effectiveness, relevance and responsiveness. In this Financial Year, the DCEC has opened a Regional Office in Maun. This will improve accessibility of services to its stakeholders.

17. Mr. Chairman, the National Anti Corruption Strategy is still outstanding, but some significant strides have been made in engaging various ministries and departments on a number of strategies, for instance, the establishment of corruption prevention committees. The formation of such committees entails extensive training on public service standards, risk management, compliance and increased institutional capacity to minimize corruption opportunities.

18. We have also started doing security audits in all ministries to identify gaps and opportunities for corruption and recommend remedial measures. Often times, corruption takes place because of weak or lack of internal control measures. These efforts are very important and critical if we are to make a significant impact on detection and prevention.

19. Mr. Chairman, the outreach programme continues to engage various stakeholders in various forms that also include production and distribution of anti corruption literature, radio programmes, advertorials, workshops and seminars. We have seen significant interest in these programmes as can be judged by the number of requests for DCEC interventions and services from different ministries.

20. On the investigation front, during the year under review, the DCEC continues to be engaged in various operational activities that included cross border investigations. It is anticipated, looking at the characteristics of on-going investigations, that such activities will be continued in the forth-coming year.

21. Mr Chairman, the Botswana Defence Force has continued to protect the territorial integrity of our country and has assisted respective civil authorities in the execution of their mandates to make Botswana a safe and secure nation. The BDF has, and continues to assist the Department of Wildlife and National Parks in combating poaching, the Ministry of Agriculture at the height of Foot and Mouth outbreak, and the police in various policing operations. The BDF has just recently completed a Force Level Exercise "Matsubutsubu II" to ensure that it remains combat ready at all times. Our Defence force has in this financial year donated more than P120, 000.00 to various charities through its outreach programme. Aren't we lucky to have a defence force that takes security beyond the orthodox definition.

22. Finally, Mr Chairman, my Ministry is conducting a National Security Strategy Review. This will inform all Government policies and assist in the prioritisation of projects and activities, based on the assessed threat and its level. We have adopted a wide and all inclusive definition of security. Security is no longer a function of armies and security forces but relates to all threats that will have a negative impact on the safety and security of every citizen.


23. Mr. Chairman, the Recurrent Budget for Defence, Justice and Security is three billion, fifty million, five hundred and eighty thousand and seventy pula (P3 050 580 070). This is an increase of three hundred and fifty-five million, two hundred and one thousand and forty pula (P355 201 040) or 13% over 2008/2009 estimates of two billion, six hundred and ninety-five million, three hundred and seventy-nine thousand and thirty pula (P2 695 379 030). Allow me not to go into the details of the recurrent budget proposals, department by department as they are contained in the Estimates of Expenditure Book, suffice to mention that there are increases relating to, inter alia, personnel emoluments, new institutions and structures, increased footprint, crime prevention campaigns and general increase in the scope of responsibilities, of the defence and security agencies.


24. Mr. Chairman, I request the sum of one billion, twenty-eight million, five hundred thousand pula (P1 028 500 000) for the Defence, Justice and Security departments. This is an increase of one hundred and eleven million, one hundred and sixty-two thousand, two hundred and forty three pula (P111 162 243) or 10.81% over 2008/2009 estimates of nine hundred and seventeen million, three hundred and thirty-seven thousand, seven hundred and fifty-seven pula (P917 337 757).

25. Of this amount, the Botswana Defence Force takes the largest share of five hundred million pula (P500 000 000) or 48.61%. The second largest is the Botswana Police Service with three hundred and ten million Pula (P310 000 000) or 30.14%, while the Directorate of Intelligence and Security accounts for the third largest share with two hundred million pula (P200 000 000) or 19.45%. The remaining eighteen million, five hundred thousand pula (P18 500 000) or 1.80% is distributed amongst the following projects: Border Fence, Dukwi Refugee Camp and Development of DCEC.

26. Mr. Chairman, the one billion, twenty-eight million and five hundred thousand pula (P1 028 500 000) for year 2009/2010 will be spent on the following development projects;


Project 09130 - Construction of Border Fence - Three Million Pula (P3 000 000)

27. Mr. Chairman, for this project, I request an amount of three million pula (P3 000 000) to start the reconstruction of the border fence along the Botswana/South Africa, Botswana/Namibia and Botswana/Zimbabwe boundaries. Some preparatory work has already been started towards the implementation of this project. For example, consultations with stakeholders and assessment of the extent of the dilapidation of the fence are currently on-going.

Project 09140 - Development of Dukwi Refugee Camp - Five Million Pula (P5 000 000).

28. Mr. Chairman, for this project, I request five million pula (P5 000 000) to be spent on the refurbishment of staff houses as well as the installation of a new water reticulation system at the Dukwi Refugee Camp.

DEPARTMENT 0204 - BOTSWANA POLICE SERVICE Project 09128 - Police New Facilities - One Hundred and Ninety-Five Million Pula (P195 000 000).

29. Mr. Chairman, during the 2008/2009 financial year, the following projects were physically completed and are awaiting final payments: Kachikau Police Station with 31 houses and Sehitwa Police Station with 25 houses.

30. The following projects are still on-going: the renovations of 7 houses at Sehithwa, 39 houses in Molepolole and remedial works to access road and the upgrading of existing sewer into wetlands at Tshesebe Police Station. The construction of Mahalapye Police Station with 64 houses and Palapye Police Station with 70 houses is expected to start during this quarter of 2008/2009.

31. Mr. Chairman, the following projects are currently under design stage and construction is expected to start during the financial year 2009/2010": Mmathubudukwane Police station with 55 houses, Mmashoro Police Station with 31 houses, Gantsi Police Station with 30 houses, Semolale Police Station with 20 houses, 28 houses at Letlhakane, 43 houses at Botshabelo, 130 houses at Block 10, and International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) Post Blast Range.

32. Mr. Chairman, the appointment of consultants to undertake the designs for the following projects has just been completed: Matsiloje Police Station, Forensic Science Laboratory building, Maitengwe Police Station, Martins Drift Police Station, Mmadinare Police Station, Sebina Police Station and Marapong Police Station. The construction of these Police Stations is expected to start during the third quarter of 2009/2010. The designs for Phitshane-Molopo Police Station and Gerald Estate Police Station will be finalised during the first quarter of 2009/2010.

33. Mr. Chairman, the new projects that are planned for the financial year 2009/2010 include the following: improvements to Tutume Police Station and Housing, Nata Police Station and Housing, Urban Police Station, Kalkfontein Police Station and Central Police Station.

34. Mr. Chairman, I therefore request one hundred and ninety-five million pula (P195 000 000) for the financial year 2009/2010 to start new projects, make payments for the on-going projects as well as final payments for completed ones.

Project 09129 - Police Fleet Expansion - Eighty-Five Million Pula (P85 000 000)

35. Mr. Chairman, two aircraft have been delivered, the third expected in August 2009 and eighty seven (87) vehicles have been ordered and are expected to be delivered before the end of this financial year.

36. Mr. Chairman, I therefore request the sum of eighty-five million pula (P85 000 000) for the purchase of additional vehicles and final payment for the Air Support project.

Project 09131 - Police Telecommunications and Equipment - Thirty million Pula (P30 000 000)

37. The on-going projects under this vote include: the introduction of Police Incident Management in Control Rooms, the implementation of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and the Global System for Monitoring Networks. The replacement of Smartzone Radio Trunking System will be starting during the 2009/2010 financial year.

38. Mr. Chairman, I therefore request thirty million pula (P30 000 000) under this project to continue with the implementation of the above projects.

DEPARTMENT 0207 - DIRECTORATE OF INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY Project 09137 - Directorate of Intelligence and Security - Two Hundred Million Pula (P200 000 000)

39. Mr. Chairman, during the financial year 2008/2009, the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) was allocated one hundred and eighty-eight million, eight hundred and fifty-seven thousand, nine hundred and ninety-eight pula (P188 857 998). The funds were used on major projects such as the acquisition of office and staff accommodation, purchasing of vehicles and procurement of other basic equipment necessary for the DIS to execute its mandate. For the financial year 2009/2010, I request an amount of two hundred million pula (P200 000 000) to continue funding general and special projects of the DIS. Contrary to illusions from some quarters, these funds will not be used for Botswana Democratic Party campaigns.

DEPARTMENT 0209 - BOTSWANA DEFENCE FORCE Project 09132 - Botswana Defence Force - Five Hundred Million Pula (P500 000 000)

40. Mr. Chairman, the shortage of accommodation in the Botswana Defence Force continues to be a major challenge. However, during the financial year 2008/09, 295 houses were completed in various installations around the country.

41. Mr. Chairman, I request an amount of five hundred million pula (P500 000 000) to cover the on-going building projects, mainly housing, as well as payments for aircraft, vehicles, communications and defence equipment for the Botswana Defence Force.

DEPARTMENT 0210 - DIRECTORATE ON CORRUPTION AND ECONOMIC CRIME Project 09133 - Development of DCEC - Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand Pula (P10 500 000)

42. Mr. Chairman, I request an amount of ten million, five hundred thousand pula (P10 500 000). This amount will be used for the renovation of the Regional Office in Francistown as well as the design and construction of Maun staff houses.

43. Mr. Chairman, this concludes my presentation of the 2009/2010 Recurrent and Development Budget proposals for Defence, Justice and Security departments that fall under my portfolio responsibility.

44. Mr. Chairman, allow me now to present the 2009/2010 Recurrent and Development Budget for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration (PAPA) departments, namely: 0201 - State House, 0202 - Office of the President, 0203 - Directorate of Public Service Management, 0206 - Office of the Former President Masire, 0211 - National Aids Coordinating Agency, 0212 - Government Implementation Coordination Office and 0213 - Office of the Former President Mogae.

45. Mr. Chairman, I want to start by appraising Parliament on some of the achievements made, challenges met since the last budget session and key strategies for the coming financial year.

46. Mr. Chairman, the intention of Government in introducing the Performance Management System (PMS) in the public service was to ensure delivery on set and agreed plans, improve and sustain productivity at all levels, and inculcate a culture of performance. A number of reform initiatives have been introduced over the years and they are paying dividends.

47. There have been gaps, however, between the planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring of performance. In a bid to address the gaps, the Government adopted Integrated Result Based Management (IRBM) as a comprehensive reform initiative in the preparation of National Development Plan 10 (NDP10). The planning approach ties tangible results to budget for improved efficiency in the use of limited resources. More details will come out during the NDP10 discussions.

48. Mr. Chairman, issues of mindset change and lack of innovation are still an impediment towards overall improved service quality and productivity. The World Economic Competitiveness report has cited, amongst others, poor work ethic as a challenge in Botswana. In light of this, the Public Service Reforms Unit will continue to work in partnership with various stakeholders on the issue.

49. Mr. Chairman, In pursuit of its monitoring and evaluation role with respect to approved policies, programmes and projects, Government Implementation Coordination Office (GICO) has initiated measures which include standardization of reporting. GICO is also developing a comprehensive computerization system for tracking purposes and it is expected to be operational before the end of financial year 2009/2010.

50. Mr. Chairman, for its part, the Directorate of Public Service Management continues to implement a number of strategies with a view to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the public service. These include:

(a) Management of vacancies
* Graduate registration programme which resulted in the placement of 2089 graduates in ministries by January 2009, thus reducing the vacancy rate in the C-band from 19% to 7.3%.
* The engagement of external recruitment agencies.
* Decentralisation of Appointment Boards to district level.
* The use of application lists from District Labour offices for industrial class posts without the need to advertise.

(b) Assessment and Development Centres - The use of best practice selection methods such as Assessment and Development Centres (AC/DC's) in addition to traditional selection and recruitment methods of interviews and promotions, especially in relation to leadership positions.

(c) Development of Job Effectiveness Descriptions and Competency framework The development of Job Effectiveness Descriptions and competence frameworks in place of existing Job descriptions.

(d) Succession Planning - The introduction of succession planning in order to minimize gaps in service delivery once an officer has to leave for whatever reason.

(e) Human Capital Development - Emphasis on development of competencies of officers to deliver quality service as opposed to long term training programmes.

(f) Botswana Civil Service College - The Botswana Institute of Administration and Commerce (BIAC) has been transformed into the Botswana Civil Service College (BCSC) and new training programmes are already running. Since April 2008 up to January 2009 one thousand (1,000) Public Officers have attended new leadership development programmes. Induction of newly recruited officers has been revamped and one thousand two hundred (1,200) public officers have been inducted. Transitional arrangements are also progressing well.

(g) Public Service Act and Unionisation
Finalisation of collective Bargaining Structures as provided for in the recently enacted Public Service Act.

(h) Business Process Re-engineering - The re-engineering of Public Service business processes and setting of performance standards.

To date, two hundred and thirty five (235) processes across Ministries have been re-engineered and fifty two (52) customer service standards have been published.

51. Mr. Chairman, efforts to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic are continuing. The ARV Roll Out programme continues to make significant positive contributions and it has significantly reduced the number of AIDS deaths and averted approximately 50 000 adult deaths, by the end of 2007. The estimated annual number of new child infections declined to about 890 by the end of 2007.

52. The number of lives that can be saved by the ART programme in future depends on current prevention efforts and the effect of such interventions on new infections. The total number of those newly in need of ART in 2009 is estimated at 161 700 and is projected to increase to 220 500 by 2016. Additional resources will therefore be required to sustain current enrolees and new entrants, otherwise we may have to trade off resources from other developmental needs to sustain ART treatment.

53. The challenge therefore is to strengthen and scale up prevention interventions in order to contain or even curtail the occurrence of new infections. This will bring down resource requirements to sustainable levels although not immediately. I therefore call upon the leadership at all levels to support prevention scale up to assist in turning the epidemic around.

54. Mr. Chairman, Former President Sir Ketumile Masire continues to play a critical role in issues of Election Monitoring, Peace-keeping, Post Conflict Reconstruction and Rehabilitation, and Promotion of Democracy and Good Governance. Success in these endevours has a positive effect on our enjoyment of peace and stability.

55. Similarly Mr. Chairman, Former President, Mr. F.G. Mogae continues to provide leadership in a number of areas including the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Other areas of engagement relate to the promotion of dialogue on matters which are important to the continent as well as the promotion of Botswana's interests abroad, especially on economic and governance issues.


56. Mr. Chairman, the Recurrent Budget for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration (PAPA) is three hundred and thirty-two million, six hundred and seventy-one thousand and ninety pula (P332 671 090). This is an increase of sixty-seven million, three hundred and fifty thousand, eight hundred and seventy pula (P67 350 870) or 25% over the 2008/2009 estimates of two hundred and sixty-five million, three hundred and twenty thousand, two hundred and twenty pula (P265 320 220). As requested earlier, I propose not go into details with respect to recurrent budget proposals, department by department as they are contained in the Estimates of Expenditure Book. Suffice to mention that there are increases relating to, inter alia, personnel emoluments, decentralization of vehicle replacement from Central Transport Organisation (CTO), furniture and equipment.


57. Mr. Chairman, I request the sum of nine hundred and ninety-eight million, nine hundred and one thousand, two hundred and forty-one pula (P998 901 241) for the Presidential Affairs and Public Administration departments. This is an increase of thirty four million, and eleven thousand, three hundred and seventy-nine pula (P34 011 379) or 3.40% over the 2008/2009 estimates of nine hundred and sixty-four million, eight hundred and eighty-nine thousand, eight hundred sixty-two pula (P964 889 862).

58. Of this amount, the HIV/AIDS Programme takes the largest share of eight hundred and thirty-eight million, seven hundred and fifty-one thousand, three hundred and seventy pula (P838 751 370) or 83.97%. The second largest share goes to the Presidential Jet with ninety million pula (P90 000 000) or 9.01%. The remaining seventy million, one hundred and forty-nine thousand, eight hundred and seventy-one pula (P70 149 871) or 7.02% is distributed amongst several projects, namely: Improvements to State House, Office of the President Computerisation, Office of the President Fleet Expansion, Office of the President Consultancies, Directorate of Public Service Management, Botswana Civil Service College, and Development of BNPC.

59. Mr. Chairman, nine hundred and ninety-eight million, nine hundred and one thousand, two hundred and forty-one pula (P998 901 241) for the year 2009/2010 will be spent on the following development projects:

Department 0201 - State House
Project 09121- Improvements to State House - Seven Million, Five Hundred Thousand Pula (P7 500 000).

60. Mr. Chairman, the total amount requested under this project is seven million, five hundred thousand pula (P7 500 000). The funds will be used for the completion of Phase III of the State House which comprises of the rehabilitation of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing installations, landscaping at the State House as well as conversion of the old Serious Crime Squad offices to provide accommodation for the BDF Sentries at the State House.

61. Mr. Chairman, Phase III of the State House project commenced in March 2008. It was originally anticipated to be completed by October 2008, but unfortunately the works were delayed due to the discovery of unforeseen problems such as ants' infestation in the roof space that necessitated complete re-roofing of the building. The project is now expected to be completed in March 2009. With regard to the conversion of Serious Crime Squad offices into a BDF Sentry accommodation and landscaping of State House, work is expected to start during the first quarter of 2009/2010.

Department 0202 - Office of the President Project 09122 - OP Computerisation - Seven Million, Six Hundred Thousand Pula (P7 600 000)

62. Mr. Chairman, the total amount requested under this project is seven million, six hundred thousand pula (P7 600 000). The funds will be used to cater for the development of the National Disaster Management and the Appeals Management Systems as well as the computer needs for Office of the President and Office of the Auditor General.

63. Mr. Chairman, the Appeals Management System project has already been awarded and work is expected to be completed by December 2009. As for the Disaster Management System project, tenders are currently being evaluated and the project is expected to start in the second quarter of the financial year 2009/10. Once awarded, the project is estimated to take eleven months to complete.

Project 09123 - OP Fleet Expansion - Three Million, Three Hundred and Thirty-Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Ninety Pula (P3 338 690)

64. Mr. Chairman, under this vote, I request three million, three hundred and thirty-eight thousand, six hundred and ninety pula (P3 338 690) for the financial year 2009/10. The funds will be used for the procurement of vehicles for the Office of the President and Office of the Auditor General.

65. Mr. Chairman, the delivery of the Executive Caravan for His Excellency the President has been delayed. It was initially expected that the Caravan will be delivered by November 2008. The latest estimated delivery date is now February 2009.

Project 09124 - OP Consultancies - Fourteen Million, Seven Hundred and Thirty-Seven Thousand, One Hundred and Eighty-One Pula (P14 737 181)

66. Mr. Chairman, under this project, I request a total amount of fourteen million, seven hundred and thirty-seven thousand, one hundred and eighty-one pula (P14 737 181). The funds will be used to continue the implementation of various strategies to reform the public sector with a view to improve productivity and service delivery. Part of the funds will be used for the Review of the Legal Framework and the Restructuring of the Office of the Auditor General, as well as the Customer Satisfaction Survey under Office of the President.

Project 09136 - Presidential Jet - Ninety Million Pula (P90 000 000)

67. Mr. Chairman, the delivery of the Presidential Jet which was expected in October 2008 has been delayed. The Jet is now expected to be delivered in May 2009. I therefore request ninety million pula (P90 000 000) under this project for financial year 2009/2010 to cover the final payment for the Jet.

Department 0203 - Directorate of Public Service Management Project 09127 - Botswana Civil Service College - Thirteen Million, Nine Hundred and Forty Thousand Pula (P13 940 000)

68. Mr. Chairman, the construction of the hostel, kitchen and dining hall at Botswana Institute of Administration and Commerce is complete and the final account is expected to be paid in April 2009. The tenders for the purchase of furniture will be awarded in February 2009 with delivery expected in March 2009. The construction of the auditorium is not yet complete due to the dispute between the contractor and the client. Negotiations to close the matter are on-going between the two parties. The pre-design work for the new Botswana Civil Service College will start in 2009/2010.

69. Mr Chairman, I therefore request an amount of thirteen million, nine hundred and forty thousand pula (P13 940 000).

Project 09138 - Development of DPSM - Eighteen Million, Eight Hundred and Seventy-Nine Thousand Pula (P18 879 000)

70. Mr Chairman, I request an amount of eighteen million, eight hundred and seventy-nine thousand pula (P18 879 000) under this vote to undertake the following projects: development of DPSM Interactive Website, development of a Business Process Management System, undertake Research on Labour Market, Establish an Information Resource Centre and develop Assessment and Development Centres (AC/DCs).

Project 09139 - Development of BNPC - Four Million, One Hundred and Fifty-Five Thousand Pula (P4 155 000)

71. Mr. Chairman, I request four million, one hundred and fifty five thousand pula (P4 155 000) for the Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC). The funds will be used to cover the refurbishment of the BNPC buildings, design of the Francistown Regional Office, upgrading of the Francistown library and the purchase of a generator for the Gaborone office.


Project 09134 - HIV/AIDS Programme - Eight Hundred and Thirty-Eight Million, Seven Hundred and Fifty-One Thousand, Three Hundred and Seventy Pula (P838 751 370)

72. Mr Chairman, the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to claim the largest share of the development budget for State President. The funds are used for the implementation of various national response programmes such as like home based care, orphan care, condom supplies, provision of Anti Retroviral Therapy, Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission. Particular emphasis will be placed on scaling up prevention interventions to curb new infections. Issues of sustainability, allocative and technical efficiency of the various programmes will also be addressed.

73. Mr. Chairman, I therefore request an amount of eight hundred and thirty-eight million, seven hundred and fifty-one thousand, three hundred and seventy pula (P838 751 370).

74. Mr. Chairman, this concludes my submission on Presidential Affairs and Public Administration departments.


75. Mr. Chairman, having concluded the presentations for the entire Ministry of State President Head 0200, I therefore request that the sum of three billion, three hundred and eighty-three million, two hundred and fifty-one thousand, one hundred and sixty pula (P3 383 251 160) for Recurrent Expenditure, and two billion, twenty-seven million, four hundred and one thousand, two hundred and forty-one pula (P2 027 401 241) for the Development Budget be approved and stand part of the Estimates for the financial year 2009/2010. I move accordingly. I thank you Mr. Chairman

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