Thursday, October 1, 2009

His Excellency’s Remarks at Handing Over of Sports Kit

source: Republic of Botswana (30/9/09): TAUTONA TIMES no 25 of 2009
The Electronic Press Circular of the Office of the President
“Democracy, Development, Dignity and Discipline”


Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture Director of Sport Ladies and Gentlemen

1. Last year August I distributed football kits to all public schools i.e., Primary, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary in our country. Other beneficiaries on that day were the 57 political constituencies who received a set each; all courtesy of the English Football Association of England. Today we are gathered here to distribute various types of sporting gear to various beneficiaries yet another donation from the English Football Association. This kind gesture of generosity is testimony to the EFA’s commitment to assist Botswana Government in its football development program. I would like to take this opportunity to commend and applaud EFA for their unwavering support that dates back some years now.

2. As some of you maybe aware the BFA and EFA have a long standing collaboration program and the two have been cooperating with each other on matters of technical training and material support. The BFA has benefited in no small measure from this collaboration which has contributed significantly to the development of football in this country. It came as no surprise therefore that when I asked for this form of assistance the EFA was more than willing to donate to us so generously. This time around the EFA has donated various pieces of sporting kit, far more than what they gave us last year. The list of items includes 1, 761 children’s t-shirts, 119 ladies t-shirts, 97 ordinary t-shirts, 3, 096 football jerseys, 2, 936 football kits, 720 tracksuit tops, 1964 sports jackets (for both winter and summer), 2,083 tracksuits (complete), 1, 020 adult footballs and 1, 020 children’s footballs.

3. In view of this, I have decided to expand the pool of beneficiaries to include ladies football teams as well as cater for special categories. It is my hope that by so doing the recipients will get motivated and find more reason to do better in the sport of football.

4. Although we distributed football jerseys to all schools last year, I have found it necessary to give footballs and t-shirts to 15 very needy schools in various districts. The rest of the items shall be distributed as follows:-

* Children’s t-shirts will be given to boys who have qualified from the eight regions running Re Ba bona Ha Program.
* Ladies t-shirts will be given to ladies football teams.
* Ordinary t-shirts will be given to officials who partake in the running of the games.
* Football jerseys will be given to all constituency champions.
* Football kits will be given to all teams.
* Tracksuits tops will be given to officials who help in project implementation as well as the regional champions.
* Sports jackets (light) will be given to finalists.
* Sports jackets (winter) will be given to all Regional Champions as well as those officiating at the games.
* Tracksuits (Complete) will be distributed to all Regional Champions.
* Footballs (Adults and Children), footballs for adults will be distributed at two (2) per team to all Constituency Champions, while those for children will be used for development programmes such as Re Ba Bona Ha and Junior Sport Programme. Others will be distributed to Active Community Clubs Programme.

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